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Masayo Ito


■ Masayo Ito was born in Mie Prefecture and is a graduate of Musashino Art

University in Tokyo, Department of Visual Communication Design, where she

studied photography and was awarded “The Laboratory Prize” for her graduation

theses “Standard Temperature.” 

Her early period works include “Interview Portraits”; photos of people encoun-

tered on the street (Musashino Art University, 1979) : “Standard Temperature”;

photos from random visit with Tokyo families (Musashino Art University, 1980) :

Concentric Tokyo”; photos from eight concentric circular walks centered on the

Imperial Palace (Guardian Garden Tokyo, 1991).

Selected as an exhibitor of  “Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011”

(National Portrait Gallery, London). 


■ 2B & H 2020; Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo, 2020 (group exhibition)

   2B & H 2019; Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo, 2019 (group exhibition)

   A Map of Memories; Nikon Salon Shinjuku, Tokyo, 2016 (selected solo exhibition)

   A Map of Memories; Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo, 2014 (group exhibition)

   Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011, National Portrait Gallery,

         London, 2011-2012 (selected group exhibition)

   Theory of Happiness 2008-2010; Gallery Place M, Tokyo, 2010

   Theory of Happiness; Nikon Salon Ginza, Tokyo, 2008 (selected solo exhibition) 

   Theory of Happiness; Gallery Place M, Tokyo, 2007

   Concentric Tokyo; Guardian Garden, Tokyo, 1991 (selected solo exhibition)

   Standard Temperature; Musashino Art University, 1980

   Interview Portraits; Musashino Art University, 1978 


■ Standard Temperature, Tosei-sha, 2013

   Theory of Happiness, ItoDesign, 2008

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