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hardback, 258mmx258mm 48 pages,

32 duo tone photographs

Tosei-sha 2013, ¥2,500+tax 

標準温度:Standard Temperature

Masayo Ito’s Standard Temperature, a collection of family portraits taken between 

1979 -1981, began its life as a student project for Ito when she was a BFA student at 

Musashino Art University’s Department of Visual Communication Design in Tokyo. 

In fact, it was her graduation thesis and garnered her the Department’s “Laboratory 

Prize”. Her biography characterizes Standard Temperature as “photos from random 

visits with Tokyo families”, which would imply she just pounded on apartment flats 

randomly until she found subjects willing to sit for portraits. The results, however,

belie such arbitrariness, and without any background knowledge — Ito’s own after-

word is itself ambiguous about who these people are — one feels sure that even if

not Ito’s own friends and family, Ito must have known these people fairly well to

capture them as intimately as she has done. 

                                                       — “Japan Exposures” by Kurt Easterwood, 2013


幸福論:Theory of Happiness

This collection represents the first half of a set of over one thousand photographs 

taken of families in the metropolitan area from 2006 to 2010. The subjects are 

principally young nuclear families that Ito encountered in the street or in parks. 

As one turns the pages, the expressions on people's faces, gestures and their clothing 

suggest a very loquacious expressiveness, and it is this loquaciousness that seems to

interrogate the happiness of contemporary city life. Ito says, "The viewfinder was 

blindingly bright, yet I tried to use direct light in the portraiture." The photographer 

was undoubtedly engrossed in her subjects, standing amidst rays of pouring light.


hardback, 225mmx282mm 96 pages,

65 colour plates

ItoDesign 2008, ¥4,300+tax 

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